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Our goal is simple. You should earn more and pay less.

If you're not a financial expert, interest rates can be confusing. Sometimes high rates are good. Sometimes low rates are good. Here's all you need to know about MECU: When we set our rates for deposit accounts and loans, we do it with the idea that you should end up with as much money as possible.

Checking & Savings Account Rates

Your money earns even more money with our high rates on savings, money market and other accounts.

CDs Rates

Generous rates and guaranteed returns add up to a really great investment tool.

Home Loan Rates

Our low rates can save you a bundle of cash over the life of a long mortgage.

Home Equity Loan Rates

Affordable rates help you complete pet projects and finance large purchases.

Auto Loan Rates

Looking for the best deal? We can help you save hundreds or thousands on financing costs.

Personal Loan Rates

Lower interest charges leave you more money to spend on purchases and paying down debt.

MECU is a steadfast partner in providing excellent service, displaying an earnest desire to meet my needs, and offering the very best interest rates anywhere.

Susan F.
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